Dining Room Table and Chairs

Side view: table w/ leaves extended and two chairs. Photo prior to table surface being sanded and refinished in May 2019.
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Date available: May 22, 2019 (first-come basis)

Description (see multiple photos below):

A small, Scandinavian-style dining room set. Set includes an expandable wood table and two chairs. This set is excellent for:

  • a small dining space or breakfast nook;

  • a second home;

  • a separate guest area;

  • a rental unit;

  • young person or college student just starting out with little furniture;

  • a computer desk or spare work table in a home office; or

  • any small spaces where a clean, shiny table surface is handy (e.g. a laundry room table).

Table is expandable with leaves tucked beneath the main center surface.

Asking price: $125 /obo (2 chairs included)


Table dimensions:

w/ leaves concealed: 31.5L x 31.5w x 29.25h (inches)

w/ leaves extended: 56.5L x 31.5w x 29.25h (inches)

Background / Pedigree:

  • Purchased new at the old Keegs furniture store on Broadway on Capitol Hill, c. 1990.

  • One owner, original purchaser.

  • Not used much since 2006; in storage for much of that time. Used recently (past year) as a desktop on sun porch for laptop work surface and house/garden planning work.


  • The top, center table surface was worn and stained after many years of daily use. It has recently been sanded bare and refinished to match the leaves (May 2019).

  • Leaves in good condition. One leaf has scratch. Otherwise, like new. Rarely were exposed.

  • Legs and sub-structure in excellent condition.

  • Chairs are in good and stable condition. Chairs reupholstered c. 2017.

Additional images below with descriptions:

Center table surface sanded bare and refinished, May 2019.
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Table with two chairs, leaves collapsed (31.5 x 31.5 inch dimensions).
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Table with leaves expanded.
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Table with leaves expanded.
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Two chairs available.
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Underside of top table surface (main surface: 31.5 x 31.5 inches).
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Underside of table top assembly: substructure; leaves; leaf rails; top-surface.
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Table legs (disassembled)
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Table Assembly, substructure, leaves opened (top removed).
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