Not as steep…

It has been a wet autumn is Seattle so far.  Late autumns are always wet around here.  November is typically our wettest month.  But we had an early start to the rainy season this year.  Since about mid-October, we’ve received about 10 inches of rain or so.

This chart is similar to another on this site.  It has been updated with more recent precipitation data.  It also highlights how wet it has been over a relatively short period.  The faded green bar shows an approximation of the steep slope of precipitation (the rate of rain over time) since mid-October.  The vertical height represents the quantity of rain over this period.  

Contrast this with the blue bar, representative of the same type of data for November 2006.  That was an especially wet November, making the front page of the New York Times.  One can see, despite this autumn’s copious rainfall, it has not been falling at the same rate nor quantity as November 2005, a record year.